Why No Use PLC Splitter in Cable Connection Network?

As one of the most important components in PON system, fiber optic splitter, like PLC splitter has been gaining in popularity. PLC (planar light-wave circuit) splitter is a kind of waveguide optical power distribution device integration based on a quartz substrate plate. It allows a strand of fiber optic signal being equivalently splitted into several strands of optical signal, which can support a single network interface to be shared by many subscribers. PLC splitter plays an essential role in passive optical network, especially in EPON, GPON, BPON, connecting central office and terminal equipment (the picture below shows a PLC splitter connected with LC LC fiber patch cord). The following text will deal with the question why we need PLC splitter and then provides several PLC splitters for you references.

PLC splitter

Why We Need PLC Splitter in Cable Connection Network?

PLC splitter, based on planar light wave circuit technology, has been increasingly needed on the market. The following reasons explain why we need it.

  • PLC splitter, a micro-optical components product, using lithography, the semiconductor substrate in the medium and the formation of optical waveguide, can achieve branch distribution function. That is to say, PLC splitter can integrate multiple functions onto a single chip to reduce size and cost.
  • PLC splitter can work on wider operating wavelengths (typically PLC splitter works on 1260nm-1620nm wavelength), while FBT only works on three different operating wavelengths, so that PLC splitter can meet the transmission requirements of different wavelengths. Besides, it has low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss (PDL) and excellent uniformity.
  • The compact structure and smaller size make it possible for PLC splitter to be installed directly in a variety of transferring box, without specially designed to stay out of installation space.
Several Most Commonly Used PLC Splitter

PLC splitter can be built using a variety of single-mode fiber patch cables and multimode optical fibers terminated with most connector types for various applications. The following part will list several commonly used PLC splitter in different package form factors for your references during PLC splitter selection.

Bare PLC Splitter

Bare PLC splitter is the elementary component for fiber split, with no connector at either end. It is a kind of ODN products suitable for PON network that can be installed in the pigtail cassette, test instrument and WDM system, which minimizes the space occupation. It is relatively fragile on fiber protection and needs a complete protection design on carrying box body and device (see a picture of bare PLC splitter).

bare PLC splitter

Blockless PLC splitter

Blockless PLC splitter has almost the same appearance as bare PLC splitter, except that blockless PLC splitter has a more compact stainless tube package which provides stronger fiber protection than bare PLC splitter and its fiber ends are all terminated with fiber optic connectors. Blockless PLC splitter is mainly used for various connection over distribution boxes or network cabinets (see an image of blockless PLC splitter).

blockless PLC splitter

Fanout PLC Splitter

Fanout PLC splitter is mainly used for 0.9mm optical fiber where the ribbon fiber can be converted to 0.9mm optical fiber through fan-out technology. Fiber adapters can bee provided both for the input and output ends of this kind of splitters. Thus, this splitter can be used directly to meet the low demand on the size of the splitter, for instance all kinds of precision splitter insertion box and splitter wall-mouted cabinets (see a picture of fanout PLC splitter).

fanout PLC splitter


PLC splitter has already become the first choice of OLT and ONU connection for PON network, and so many package types of PLC splitters have been launched on the market to satisfy all kinds of application requirements. So why don’t you use it right now? FS.COM provides PLC splitter featuring low PDL, low excess loss and insertion loss. Our PLC splitters are with various kinds of fiber connectors and fiber patch cord lengths to meet your demand. Besides, we also offer various high-quality patch cords, like SC to LC fiber patch cable, etc. If you have any need, please visit FS.COM.

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